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Last update: 1/9/09

Dear Beka

Q: You always make me laugh, who makes you laugh? (Shannon Kahler, from Milford, IN)

A: Dear Shannon,

That's a very good question. Esther makes me laugh my head off! This week she found a pair of my socks and hiked them to her knees. Then she pulled a pair of socks up to her elbows on both arms. Keep in mind that at this point she also is only wearing a diaper and a shirt. To top it off, she then had me tie on her "magic cape" and ran around the house like her new outfit was the best thing since cookies :) I almost died laughing! - Beka

Dear Beka

Q: I'm having a ball reading your ask Beka page. You have an incredible sense of humor. My question is... How do you have time for everything that a wife, homemaker, crafter, new mommy, mother of a 2 year old, and beloved granddaughter is expected to do? Love you much, honey! ("Grandma Kaake", from Hillsdale, MI)

A: Dear Grams,

Well, I believe this is what they call being a "super mom". I can't say I really find it that hard - after all, I have ten hands and can be in three different places at once! Seriously though, I am loving it so far and am finding it a good challenge. The kids are really quite good together and I've not been too tested as far as them both needing me at once. Which is a good thing for potty training.... Jon has been such a big help around the house that we're actually keeping up and enjoying entertaining visitors when we've gotten enough sleep. We hope to see you soon!!!!! - Beka

Dear Beka

Q: I am wondering when you and Jon are going to come visit me in Colorado. ;)

I am teaching at Colorado Christian University and loving it! I recently received an MA in English creative writing and an MLIS in library science. Also, I am in the process of applying for my PhD at the University of Denver, but we'll see how that goes. They are a very difficult school to get into!

I miss you guys! (Sarah Freese, from Lakewood, CO)

A: Dear Sarah,

First of all, how good to hear from you!!!! Second of all, dream on :) We'd LOVE to come visit you in Colorado, but sadly it's just not in the cards. Um, hopefully that doesn't sounds harsh because I'm rather dreaming about it too....

I'm glad to hear how things are going for you! Sounds like you've been every bit as ambitious and busy as I remember you being :) Good for you! I always knew you'd go places. Any thoughts of settling down into marriage on the horizon?

Things here are going well. Don't know if Jon has e-mailed you or not, but we've got another baby on the way, due the 21st of December. That'll officially put us up to two. :) Esther is just over 2 years old now and showing every bit of it. She's so incredibly smart too that it's kind of daunting. We're going to be homeschooling her, which sometimes scares me because I have the feeling she's so much smarter than I am. But Jon should be able to help her out where I can't. :) There's not much other than being Mommy that goes on in my life right now, which is fine with me because I don't think I could handle much more at this point! Jon is still working the same job, which is good. He's doing really well there and they keep us happy. I guess that's about the gist of it! Let me know how you're doing!!!! - Beka

Dear Beka

Q: Hi there you are doing a good thing here, very awesome :D

Where can I find a girlfriend/wife like that is similar to you in intelectuality and so forth? You seem really cool and smart and helpful to others :DD

Happy Easter/Feliz Pascua
y cuidate! :þ

Randy the easterwabbit :D (Randy Steffens, from IL)

A: Dear Randy the Easterwabbit,

Sadly, God only made one of me. Very sad, as I think most people should be exactly like me! However, maybe God will be kind to you while attending church one day. You will see the woman of your dreams who might even be better than me! Doubtful, but maybe.....

Good luck on your search! - Beka

Dear Beka

Q: I have recently acquired a 1989 Bonneville LE with 56,000. Miles on it from the original owner. Are there any troubles that I may expect from the car. And yes the milage is documented. (Mitch, from Flushing N.Y.)

A: Hi Mitch. Sorry for the delay in answering. It's been a combination of busyness and having to find a little help on this one. Thanks to my wonderful husband, you will have a good answer instead of a ludicrous one!

If your Bonneville was taken care of, it should last you a long time and run well - they tend to be able to run for well over 200,000 miles. Rust will be a big factor in how much you may have to repair, or at least watch. Especially near the subframe mounts there is danger of those pulling right out of the bottom when it rusts enough. Transmissions can become weak, fuel pumps sometimes go out, and if you have power windows, they may stop working. Watch for the headliner to start drooping if it hasn't already, and also keep an eye on your trunk every once in a while to make sure you're not getting water pooled in there - usually by the spare tire. Despite those problems (which thankfully are mostly cosmetic), your Bonneville should run pretty much forever. The engines are pretty hard to kill! Try joining the forums at for more help and information. Good Luck!

Dear Beka

Q: How do you keep your youthful appearance and sense of humor after so many years of marriage? (Shannon, from Milford, IN)

A: Well, to tell you the truth, so many years of marriage can be draining on a person if you don't just learn to take your Botox shots regularly! Then no one can tell if you're not smiling! - Beka

Dear Beka

Q: I had a question for you. I am recently married, and loving every minute of it. But sometimes I have to ask myself - what can I do to please my woman? I mean, I do nice things for her all the time, but how can I really make sure she's happy? (Matthew, from Ypsilanti, MI)

A: Matthew, you can start by spending all kinds of time with her. Make sure she gets help with the chores around the house, but don't do them for her. Don't buy her flowers when you're in the dog house - it makes the act cheap and will only put you further into the dog house. And it's cold in there in the winter. Not to mention you have to share it with the dog. Smelling like a dog will also not help to patch things up. But I guess that's up to your judgment ;) - Beka

Dear Beka

Q: Does Jon wear boxers of briefs? (Matthew, from Ypsilanti, MI)

A: Matthew, Jon wears both, and sometimes neither. I don't have to say which I prefer, but I will anyway. Neither! - Beka

Dear Beka,

Q: I would like to take this time to express my absolute hatred and disgust of the owners of "the store". It really sickens me that they have been and still are stupid a$$holes. What can I do to resolve these feelings I have? Sincerely, (A former employee, Hudsonville, MI)

A: A: I wish I could tell you that you should buy a bunch of semi-automatics and gun them all down. However, I can't really tell you to do that because it's illegal. My advice to you is that you and all your friends should boycott the store. It's perfectly legal, and it will hurt them more in the long run. Keep the semi-automatics to your nighttime dreams. - Beka

Disclaimer: That wasn't me, but one person in a small but growing army of disgruntled former (and current) employees of "The Store". - Jon

Dear Beka,

Q: Why is your husband so quiet at work? I see that he has tons of talent and some pretty funny stuff to say. He needs to "let loose" more often! (Jon's slave driver, Eddy)

A: Eddy, I think the reason that Jon is so quiet at work is that he doesn't really know you guys all that well, and he doesn't really have the time at work to get to know you all well. At least it would take a long time. So here's my proposal for how to get him to lighten up a little for you. We'll set up a game night here at our house, and all the guys are welcome to come. The game will most likely be Perfect Dark, where you will kill each other senselessly in fun ways. After that, I'm sure it won't be that hard to get him out of his shell. I'll leave it up to Jon to find out a day that would be best for everyone. Will that work for you? - Beka

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