12-19-10 - It's a Girl!

I don't regularly update this page with family news updates anymore, since Facebook has effectively surpassed it in both ease of use and likely readership. Still, it wouldn't be right to let such a major life event pass without documenting it here.

Abigail Grace

Abigail and Mommy

Yes, we have just added a little girl to the family. She surprisingly weighs in at only 7lb. 2oz. - our lightest yet after an 8-6 and 9-7. She is about 19" long. As of right now she has no name, but we are working on it. Esther is excited to have a sister, even though she was sure it would be another brother. I don't think that Josiah really knows what is going on yet. Hopefully he transitions well from being the baby to being the middle child.

I have taken a few pictures, but do not yet have the cable to hook the camera up and post anything. That will come soon.

UPDATE: Her name is Abigail Grace. And here are some pictures.