11-1-09 - It's been a while

I realize that five months is a long time to go without updating a family website, even by my standards. The reasons behind this inexcusable slacking are many. I was hoping to have transitioned the site into something easier to manage, code-wise, by now. I've been busy at work and at home. Nothing really interesting has happened to prompt me to share the excitement. I know, it's all lame.

I still hope to transition the site to a combination of my stuff and perhaps WordPress software, but a nice clean implementation of that is challenging and time-consuming. Perhaps when things inevitably slow down at work over the winter, I'll attempt it. Something like that would make an update like this as simple as posting on the forum. In contrast, right now I have to create/modify and upload four files every time. It isn't hard, but it does take far more time than I feel it should - hence the long time between updates.

In preparation for that big change, I also decided to change the decor around here at the same time. The decor change is ready to go now, however, so I'm going ahead with that. Let me know how you like the new colors. My eyes say it's better, anyway.

On to the family, and how we're doing. The kids are growing and thriving. Esther alternates between sweet and sour attitudes, but she is still showing us daily how smart she is. She can draw stick-persons, certain Veggie-Tales characters (recognizably), and the like. Her sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary could put some public school graduates to shame. She's also more-or-less toilet trained, but we still mop up the occasional mess. Josiah, meanwhile, is almost walking. He eats a lot - almost anything the rest of us can eat, with the obvious exceptions that are dangerous to babies, like peanuts. I think we've finally got a grasp of how to get him to go to sleep in his crib vs. in the car seat. On the bright side though, he's a very good traveler; he sleeps the whole way. Josiah also shows some mad skills. He is very good with his hands, nests things like cups, and likes to put items into containers. Sadly he still isn't saying much besides ma-ma and da-da. His personality is also changing from a cranky 'mama's boy', to a good-natured happy kid - usually. Beka is excited to be started on the South Beach diet, and that seems to be working out well for her so far. About the only thing new for me is that I've bought an old road bike from the thrift store - a Fuji Palisade from around 1986 - and look forward to getting out for some rides on that as the fall weather permits. My other bike is just a cheap Huffy mountain bike, so it's a big difference. Otherwise, I am just busy with work and trying to get the outdoor chores caught up for winter.

Work is very steady right now, which is much better than this time last year. Hopefully that bodes well for the slow winter season, which last year reduced us to four-day weeks. Three-day weekends were nice, four-day paychecks during the heating season were not.

So that's our life in the past five months or so. We did take some pictures, and I should have those up soon.