5-19-09 - Generic status update

Life has been rather busy lately, and I admit I've been in a mood where I do things more, and write about things less. Too busy living life to report on it, in other words. Still, that's no excuse to leave the faithful readership of TheJMFC.com hanging now, is it? With no further introduction, here is a generic status update, in all of the usual categories.

The kids: Esther is two, and as evil and frustrating as most two-year-old children are. On the upside, she's cuter than most. Somewhat neutral is the fact that she seems to be smarter than average, since the downside to that fact is that she can use her brains for more complex evil tasks. Complaints aside, she is learning to do more things in life. She can use a computer mouse or trackpad to draw or play simple games now. She can draw smiley faces and other simple objects on paper. She knows most if not all of her letters, though some still get mixed up. Speech isn't really worth mentioning anymore, since she talks all day long in complex, well phrased sentences.

Josiah is progressing as well. He still doesn't actually have teeth sticking through, though he has been working on it since he was born, it seems. We even thought he had one sticking through months ago, but now whatever we saw then is gone. Just suddenly, he seems to be growing real hair, which is good. He's been rolling over for a few weeks now. He can scoot around a bit, but crawling is probably a ways off yet. Josiah is a very happy baby, always ready with a great smile. He's set to be baptized on the 31st.

Work: Work is still slow, but there is rumor of a 5-day week this week. We shall see...

Home Life: Things around home are fine. The house is in a constant state of disaster, but what home with two kids under age 3 isn't? The yard looks relatively nice right now. It often does in the spring, when rains keep it mostly watered. The garden is somewhat planted with early crops. The grape vine and raspberry bush look great. I've managed to get the garage somewhat cleaner, so it's more inviting to be out there working on cars now. I've even got some old speakers mounted to the wall, so I can listen to the radio while cursing my 16-year-old car.

Pets: We seem to have lost a fish. Our disturbingly-large algae-sucker turned up (literally) dead this past week. It's sad. As disturbingly-large and ugly as he was, he provided some continuity in the fish tank.

And that's about it. Look for some new pictures soon-ish. Better yet, don't look for them; subscribe to the RSS feed. It'll tell you when to visit again.