3-20-09 - We're sleeping again, and etc.

Josiah got sick. Actually, first Beka got sick, and Esther too somewhat. Eventually though, Josiah was doomed to get the cold, and so he did. Suddenly he came down with a nasty cough, and had a hard time breathing when he was all worked up and crying. We made it through one night of that, taking him in the foggy bathroom as necessary. The next evening though, we decided to be cautious and take him into the local urgent care center. Well, they decided to be cautious and send us to the ER. There, they gave him some breathing treatments and steroids, and decided to watch him overnight to make sure he didn't stop breathing. So, he got to spend the night hooked up to monitors, and we got to stay with him there. It was not restful.

The upside to this is that the trauma of a hospital stay seems to have jolted him into a very reasonable sleep schedule. He now sleeps from about 1-2:00 in the morning to about 1:00 in the afternoon, with a feeding or two in there somewhere. Beka and I are sleeping, both in the same bed, at the same time. It's great. People without children cannot understand the simple pleasure that comes with being able to sleep, after surviving on less than you need for a few weeks. Josiah is also becoming a very happy boy, despite still being somewhat sick and currently teething. There may be hope for him yet.

In other news... the weather is getting nicer out lately, and Esther and I got in our first bike ride of the year the other day. I have one of those seats that go on the back of my bike for her to ride in. You really don't see those around much anymore; everyone uses one of those trailers that seat two kids. Those look nice too, but we haven't got one yet. The ride was fun, but I'm out of shape. I'll have to work on being active this spring and summer.

Esther also has a little tricycle, and she has just about got the idea of how to make it go. She enjoys being pushed around, but isn't really good at pedaling yet. She has almost got it though. Maybe next time out. We did kick the soccer ball around for a while though, and she enjoys that.