1-10-09 - A two-week-old (or so) update

Now that we're home, and somewhat settled down, and I actually have some free time to quick type something up, I can say how things are going around here.

Things are going fine. Josiah came home with us on the 26th, so we only spent one night at the hospital. It's not a very restful thing, staying at the hospital; nurses are in and out all night, poking heels for blood samples, taking blood pressure readings, etc. And the convertible chair that turns into a bed for the husband/boyfriend/committed-non-gender-specific-partner isn't all that comfortable either. It's nice to have help nearby, but we did this once before, and we decided we could handle things ourselves at home.

Once home, we let Esther spend another couple of nights at Grandma's house while we got the "baby thing" figured out again. Now of course, she is back. She loves her little brother, and gives him lots of hugs and kisses, and tries to feed him raisins, and so on. There is a nasty combination of the "terrible twos" and the "displaced former only child" thing going on, but it's not too bad really. We'll do our best to get her back on track in her attitude, and I'm sure she'll turn out fine.

Josiah is a good eater. He eats a lot, and he does it often. We can't really quantify how much he gets, since we don't bottle-feed him, but judging by how much he feeds, and how much comes out the other side, it's got to be a lot. I don't recall Esther ever being so... so... free-flowing. Then again, she had to be formula-fed because of a sensitivity to dairy, so it's a whole other thing this time around. Josiah did lose a bit of weight right off, but I'm sure he's gained it back now. Our digital floor scale puts him at around 10Lb., accurate to .5Lb.

Beka and myself are getting enough sleep. Not too much, but enough. So far, Josiah is an easier baby than Esther was. Esther had colic, and really needed to be held and interacted with constantly. This boy is usually pretty content to lay in his seat during the day, and he sleeps fairly well at night, with a couple feedings in there. Hopefully things will just get better from here.