12-20-08 - Less than a week to go!

The baby is due tomorrow. Things could start happening at any time. We are becoming somewhat impatient. On the other hand, maybe the waiting is a good thing. I wrenched my back at work on Wednesday, to the point where I couldn't really do much but pace around and complain, so I came home. The entire family has also been fighting different diseases for the past week or so. Only now are the infections and pain going away to the point where we could possibly go in and have a baby without it being the worst experience in our lives.

We're in the middle of a batch of several snow storms hitting in the course of a week. Thursday evening and Friday morning we got hit pretty hard, and I just dug us out of that last night (despite my weak back, and I felt very good about the accomplishment). We're due to get another batch tonight (Saturday) and tomorrow morning, and then also on Tuesday. I figure we'll go into labor in the middle of one of these storms.

Sadly, we haven't been able to get out and play in the snow with Esther. Beka is still a little sniffly, very pregnant, and tired; I am a little sniffly, quite sore, and tired; and Esther is still fighting something, we think. I guess we'll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the snow, since it's only December. We're usually still hoping for a white Christmas at this point in the season. So much for "global warming".

Well, hopefully this is the last thing I write before I announce a new family member, or at least post something from the hospital