11-22-08 - Down to the final month of Pregnancy #2

Since Beka's due-date is December 21, we're now only about a month away from having this baby. And only a little more than a month away from Christmas. It's hard to think of Christmas in the context of having a 4-day old baby in the mix, but it is a very real possibility this year. Or we could have a two-week old baby, or still just be very, very pregnant. We shall see. All I really ask is that we not go into labor over Thanksgiving, which we will be spending in Indianapolis (assuming the weather looks fair, and Beka isn't starting to drip amniotic fluid or something).

This baby is strong and active, Beka says. The midwives say that it might be a little bit smaller than Esther was (8 lb., 6 oz.) based on how she is measuring. I think that Beka looks bigger now than she did on the way to the hospital last time. Maybe they're just trying not to panic her with the prospect of a big, strong, healthy 10 lb. baby.

Esther seems to be starting to understand what's going on now. The other day, I quizzed her at the dinner table. I asked her where the baby was, and she replied correctly that it was in Mommy's belly. I said that it was going to come out soon, and she smiled and said "Yeah." Then I said, "And then what will you be?" She thought for a minute, smiled, and said, "A big sister!" So, we think she gets it now. I'm still sure she'll try to kill it at least once, once she realizes that a baby requires attention that was once hers alone. Most of the time though, I think she'll be a good big sister, and a helper for her mom.

She also got a box of LEGOs recently, and loves the things. She had the larger Duplo blocks, but didn't really do much with them. Just made towers and such. The LEGOs though, she gets more creative with. She especially likes to play with the "Lego boys", which is what she calls the little men. She gives them two heads, or pulls the head up a bit so they have a long neck, or uses random pieces to give them funny hats. The little movable levers, especially, make fun hats. So, even though LEGO sets are designed for an older child, she has a great time with them.

Esther is looking forward to Christmas, and presents. We have told her countless times lately that first comes Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, we can get a Christmas tree. Then, after that, will come Christmas. She can recite that order of events back to us now. She is also really looking forward to snow, and so, so are we. It was supposed to have snowed every day this past week, but we barely got touched. Nothing to play in, or make a snow-man out of. Hopefully we get some soon.