10-29-08 - Only one week until Election Day!

Defaced Obama sticker
Thanks, MoveOn.org!

First of all, a friendly reminder to get out there and vote on November 4. Even though the polls aren't showing a very close race, it all comes down to who actually gets out there and votes. So... make sure you do. And of course, vote smart, vote conservative.

Having said that, I can tell you something about our lives. Little TBA continues to grow and prosper. I guess. It's a lot more of a back-of-the-mind thing this time around. I'm sure it will seem a lot more real in December. I almost get to forgetting that we're having a baby sometimes. Beka doesn't, of course. She's constantly some combination of dizzy, sick, hungry, and tired. We're quite sure that she'll be very happy to have her body back to it's uninhabited self in a couple of months. Meanwhile, we are still working out the details of what to call TBA, when we think of it. I'm sure we'll have something to call him/her when the time comes.

Esther is still growing, doing new things, saying new things. Tonight, she was saying "Uh-huh" a lot, in the right context, of course. We'd ask her a question, and she'd "uh-huh" her affirmative answer to us. Speaking isn't really a big challenge for her anymore, rather it's just a matter of her growing vocabulary. And it does grow almost daily. She also seems to have a good memory for her age. We can read her a book a time or two, and then she can flip through it, look at the pictures, and more-or-less accurately retell the story.

She is starting to draw better also. I got sick of drawing smiley faces for her one night, so I helped her learn to draw them herself. First, a circle. Then, any number of dots for eyes, usually three or more. Finally, a line for a smile. They usually turn out well enough that you can tell what they are, at least. Even if they do have an unnatural quantity of eyes.

Aside from the above, we're doing pretty well. The cold fall weather is depressing, but at least it means we're closer to seeing TBA. Work is OK. Home is OK. We were car-hunting for a while, but now we are more-or-less resigned to me driving my clunky car through the winter. Which, to come full-circle, is why I finally gave up and threw my political stickers on it a week or so ago. See picture. Don't forget to vote!