9-21-08 - Esther is 2 years old!

Birthday Cake
A really big cake. Mmmm...

How time flies. Our little girl is two.

Since she's getting to be so old now, we have made work of clearing out our back bedroom, which was previously an office/library/dumping-ground. It took weeks to clear it of everything, a few more weeks of late nights cleaning, patching, and painting, and another night of sewing curtains, but it's a very nice bedroom now. It was about the same shade of cream/beige that the rest of the house was painted when we bought it (ceiling and trim included), but now it's a nice cheery shade of blue-green with white trim and a white ceiling. Another bland room bites the dust. Her grandma donated a nice antique metal-frame twin bed, and we had an old wood desk for her. So, now she's out of her crib and old bedroom, and moved into a real bed and a really nice little bedroom. She's taken to it very well. She loves her room, and stays in her bed at night, even though she is able to get in and out without help.

We're also working on toilet-training her. It's a work in progress, but there is progress. The less time we have with two kids in diapers, the better.

Otherwise, not much to tell. Beka is doing fine. TBA is doing fine. He or she is very active, in fact. Only three months to go as of today!