8-6-08 - Camping and an ultrasound

We made our first camping trip as a family a week or two ago. It went pretty well! Esther likes to be in the tent, even for naps. She also likes to take long walks in the woods, play in the sand on the beach, and look at the stars in the night sky. We exposed her to fires at an early age, so she knew not to throw herself into the fire ring. She did have to learn that the 10-second-rule does not apply when the floor is dirt. Soggy goldfish crackers attract a lot of dirt.

Our new tent is just the right size. It has a partition to divide it into two halves - one for us, one for her. Our half is just the right size to fit our full-size air-mattress and our bags, with some room to move around yet. Her side fits her portable crib "pack-n-play" thing, and everything else we need to survive. Not bad for $50 at Wal*Mart.

Ultrasound picture
Our work-in-progress

In other news, we had our ultrasound for (tba) the other day. Everything looks good, and about the right size for our due-date of December 21. The new ultrasound machine gives a much clearer picture than back when we had Esther. It was fun to watch (tba)'s little heart pumping on the screen. We didn't find out what it's going to be though, because we like surprises.

More pictures of each in the Photo Galleries, on this page.