7-7-08 - Christmas plans

It's come to my attention that the fact that Beka is due to give birth sometime in mid to late December doesn't make it quite obvious enough that we will NOT be traveling several hours from home this Christmas season. With that in mind, I have a declaration to make:

We will not be traveling more than an hour away to visit anyone this Christmas.

In the event that that declaration invites a follow-up question of whether or not we'll be entertaining distant family here instead, here is part two of my Christmas plan declaration:

And no, you can't come here either.

That's not to say that we don't want to see people this christmas. We just don't see it being practical to travel far from home while 8.9 months pregnant, or 2 days after giving birth. Either situation makes entertaining a mob of family rather nightmarish as well. It's also very hard to entertain while still recovering from childbirth in the hospital, if the timing was especially bad. So, it's a no-go this year. Sorry for the inconvenience, best wishes with your other Christmas plans.