5-19-08 - Minor site changes

Time to semi-proudly introduce TheJMFC.com version 5.1. It's not a complete re-write (which would have been 6.0, obviously), but there are some noticeable and widespread changes. First, the site has (mostly) gone fixed-width. I think it looks nicer, and solves some packaging issues on my end. Also modified are the gallery pages (solving a little issue that just bugged me to death). You may or may not also notice a different font for the titles, headers and navigation. The previous font was less than universally installed on all operating systems, meaning that what looked great on my machine might show up as being plain, bland Arial over by you. Even just between my two Macs (both running 10.4) only one had that font. Maddening.

As with all site changes, let me know if it looks really funky on your setup. I do my best to make things work, but not all browsers are created equal (stupid Internet Explorer).

Just one tiny little family update. We have a due "date" of sometime in late December or early January. I'm sure that will get narrowed down in the coming weeks, but that's all we have to go by for now. Stay tuned. I intend to do a better job of keeping this updated.