4-29-08 - General updates, and some fun news

First the general updates.

Lots of stuff has happened in the new year. Well, no. Not really. Lots of time has passed since the last update, but not much in the way of interesting material. We're all enjoying the nice spring weather, or at least we were until it crashed back down to the mid 40's this week. We are making an effort to be outside and active. Esther loves it out in the yard. It's nice that she can play by herself now while we plant things and weed flower beds. This past weekend, we did more yard work than we had all of last season combined. The garden remains pretty well untouched, but we do have asparagus coming up already. Sadly, the rabbits must have had a hard winter, because they mowed our grape vine down to about 5" tall - shorter than we bought it many years ago. Looks like it's still alive though, so it'll come back.

Esther and a Grill
Springtime Fun

Esther is getting big and smart. She has approximately 11 teeth now. Everything we say, she repeats. We are constantly surprised at what she says and understands. The other night, she walked up to me and rubbed her belly while she said "hurts". I have no idea where she picked that up. Sentences are also coming now. She says things like "I love you", and "Ni-night, Mommy", and "Thank you", all in their correct context. She can go up and down stairs now, but it freaks us out just a little since our hard, wood stairs end at a concrete pad. We try to discourage that skill for now. Esther still likes to read books more than anything, and insists on being under a blanket while we sit together reading on the couch.

I (Jon) am reasonably well. Work has been slow, but things are looking up. In my spare time this winter, I have done mostly geeky computer things. Now that it's warm, I'm trying to get out and grill and do yard-work, things like that.

Beka is doing fine too, but lacks energy lately. She has spent much of her spare time reading books, knitting, crocheting, and researching things online. I'm sure she's looking forward to the fun summer activities (and grilled food) as much as anyone.

I have to post another batch of pictures soon, but no time today.

As for the "fun news", we're once again expecting an addition to the family in about 8-9 months. And I don't mean a dog.