12-29-07 - Post-Christmas, end-of-year update

It's hard to imagine that 2007 is almost gone already. Seems like just yesterday that we started this year. Oh well.

Christmas was full of good times, good food, and tolerable family. Just kidding. The family was good too, even the extended family. Christmas Eve was spent locally, with my family. After that party, we left for the lovely state of Indiana, and Beka's family party.

Indiana is oddly the most central location for that annual Christmas bash, even though only Beka's mother actually lives there. Her sister Chrissie lives in Chicago, brother Ted lives in Grand Rapids near us, and brother Matt lives over near Flint.

I really dislike Indiana, but this trip went well. Esther slept most of the three-hour trip down, only getting crabby for the last half-hour of it. You can't blame her for it though. I was nearly getting crabby myself, after sitting in the car seat for that long.

We have no plans for New Years day, and plan to decline any invitations we might receive. I think we just want to stick around here and get some stuff done, or relax. The house is in a constant state of moving clutter; it seems to move from room to room, never finding a permanent home. Maybe we can nail some of that down this long weekend, and create some more usable space in the process.

As for the customary Esther Update: She is growing, learning, prospering. We're up to six teeth now, and if her moods are any indication, there are a few more on the way. Her vocabulary is growing, and she can now say (and understand) "button" (as in belly button), "shoes", "socks", "bite", "more", "what's that", "oh my go(sh)", "grandma", "Bob" (as in Aunt "Bob"), and maybe a few more.

Since she can walk, there really isn't much to define milestones in movement anymore. She does get around very well. Stairs are still rough though, since she doesn't really get much practice on them.

Esther did get lots of fun stuff for Christmas. Much of it makes noise, to our displeasure. It makes her happy though. She also got some strings of plastic beads, and she struts around the house now with them on. She knows when she's pretty. It's very cute.

There are some new pictures up in the photo galleries section since last time. Also feel free to check out the forums, where there is usually something interesting being discussed. Also on the topic of the site, I'm switching back to a sans-serif font. Hope you love it. If not, you can lobby for your font of choice by the Email link or the forum (which you should be a posting member of anyway).