8-19-07 - Cars come and go, and Esther grows

I had to update our car pages today, because we gained one and lost another. The '89 Bonneville got sold, and a new '93 Bonneville has taken it's place.

Esther continues to grow and learn. She is walking really well now, and has been for a few weeks to a month. She just turned 11 months old on the 14th, so she was walking sometime in her 10th month. Also she has learned how to tip cups up to drink from them, and just today she learned how to take bites of cracker. Before, we had to break pieces off for her. Helping her with that achievement is her new tooth, on the top. She's up to three, with another on the way. That will give her all four of her front ones. We tried to get her to drink from a straw tonight too, but she doesn't know to suck on it yet. As far as speaking words, she hasn't really improved much there.

We decided to plant a small garden after all this year, and hope to get some fall crops of summer squash and zucchini, and a few other things. We've also got one stray tomato plant, planted by a stray seed from last year's plants. It looks like we'll actually get a tomato or two from that. We're also excited that our grape vine finally produced fruit this year! Not much, but we got a couple small bunches of tasty concord grapes.

That's all for right now. I hope to get some new pictures online in the next few days