6-24-07 - Life just keeps going on.

Not a ton is going on around here, but we're long overdue for something new on here, so here goes.

Esther is still growing and prospering, of course. She can crawl really fast, and has been for some time. And sometime between last time and now, she started pulling herself up on things and standing. At first it was scary (for us), and she fell a lot, but now she's really good at standing (and falling). She does let go sometimes for a few seconds. I'm betting that she'll walk before she's a year old. Also she's moving on to more solid foods, like Cheerios and crackers. Words are coming slowly, but she says "Da-da", "Daddy", "Ma-ma", "uh-oh", and maybe "no" and "hello".

I've got a huge new gallery of pictures for you, because we actually have some now. Due to a really unfortunate luggage-swapping mistake, our camera is currently with Beka's sister, Chrissie Mae, in Chicago, along with all of the contents of the memory card. So... We got a battered, used Canon A60 off of ebay, which I was able to make look and work pretty good with some spare A60 parts we had laying around. We're back in the picture business now.

Esther and cameras aside, things are going pretty smoothly over here. The garden isn't happening this year because everything we tried to start inside died, and we don't really have time this year anyway. We do however have some strawberries, raspberries and (new for this year) grapes growing. We've had the grape vine for a few years now, but this year it decided to make some grapes.

Beka's current project is trying to knit or crochet wool diaper covers for Esther. It seems like they would leak really bad, but they actually work well. In my spare time, I've been trying to keep the grass green, and working on a project to run a car CD player in the house using a PC power supply. That's nearly done. Hope it works. The grass, on the other hand, looks pretty sad.

Finally, I recently finished reading a great book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades). It's amazing what nobody in the media knows, or dares to say, about Islam. Did you know that the Koran actually says that Muslims should kill, subjugate, or convert all infidels (that's us non-Muslims), until the whole world is subject to Islamic law? Yeah, I thought that was just the nuts like Osama. Turns out he's just being a good Muslim! The author also makes some really good points about our foreign policy. Please, read this book, and then make your friends do the same.