4-18-07 - Springtime, finally.

"Aargh! I'm a Pirate!"

I'd seriously update this a lot more often if anything at all interesting went on. Interesting without being embarrassing. That's my criteria. And that seemingly simple combination somehow doesn't happen that often. So lets see, what can I tell the world about the past two months?

Well, Esther continues to grow and learn, and do new things. She can now move forward on the floor quite well, although I'm not quite sure it's true crawling. She's fast enough that we have to watch her closely. A combination of rolling and "crawling" will get her across the living room rapidly toward the forbidden object of her choice. She's especially fond of power cords.

Esther also seems to have very good use of her hands for her age, from what we're told. As she plays on the floor, she likes to pick individual fuzzies and residual cat hairs from the carpet, and play with them.

Every new week seems to bring a new phase for her. Two weeks ago it was scrunched up faces made for no apparent reason (and she still does that quite a bit). Last week, it was teething and terribly fussy. This week seems to be mostly back to sweet and happy.

Oh, what else can she do now... Oh, she can eat baby food (veggies and fruits in paste form). She really likes that, and does well with opening and closing her mouth as necessary. Just this past weekend, she had her first Cheerios. She didn't know what they were at first, and played with them. Once she figured out that they were for eating though, she did pretty well. She takes her time, but gum-chews them well.

Besides Esther, not a whole lot is going on. Work is going fine for me. Home is going fine for Beka. The house is starting to regain some of it's pre-baby order and sanity. Everyone is looking forward to warmer weather, and the option of outside fun and work. Even sleeping with the windows open at night has it's own simple joy to it. At least until summer hits, and suddenly it's 80 degrees at night and nasty.

Oh, we did get rid of the cats. Tim went to Beka's sister Chrissie, and Xena went to some poor guy who answered the ad on Craigslist. They cats had outlived their usefulness to us. They were constantly underfoot and in the way, and still shedding and eating and filling their litter box. I know that it sounds like we simply discarded them like an old object that no longer pleased us. Well... that's because they were two objects that no longer pleased us. It's simple math and logic, really. We were paying to feed two animals that had become more trouble than fun. I wish them the best in their new homes, but I have no regrets. It's not going to be long before Esther is eating soggy Cheerios off of the carpet, and I'd prefer that they weren't hairy, soggy Cheerios. Not to mention that all of Beka's family is allergic to cats.

Well, that's all for now. New pictures to come very soon, so check back.