2-11-07 - Updates, at last.

I'm not sure why it's been so long since the last update. I suppose that we've been busy or some other lame excuse. At any rate, here is something new. Also new is another batch of pictures in the Photo Gallery section. Enjoy those.

Right now, we're all doing well. Two weeks ago, that was not the case. We were all sick, all of us with colds, and myself with a fever besides. We're still just a bit snotty, but mostly back to our normal healthy selves.

Not much is new with me. Mostly just wake up, eat, shower, go to work, come home, spend some time with the family, sleep, repeat. Beka is a busy woman these days, sewing up diaper bags for an attempted business venture with her sister-in-law. Need a very basic, rather large, handcrafted diaper bag? Go here. Esther is still growing and learning to do new things. She can now roll over quite well (in one direction, mostly), scooch around (not really crawl), and jump very well. She is also becoming more self-amusing. We can sit her in her Exersaucer, and she'll keep herself occupied for a while, while we do other things. It's very nice.

We had our first really big snow of the year last weekend. It's all drifted over the roof in the front of the house. Quite nice to look at really. It's so low over the garage, that the car scrapes as it goes in and out. So, the drift has a little car-shaped notch cut into it. I should really take a picture.