12-22-06 - Finally, 5.0

At long last, after working on it for months, often in 20-minute increments, I can finally give you TheJMFC.com, Version 5.0. What's new, you ask? Content? Well, a little. Not much. The color? Yes, that did change. It's a darker shade of green. But of course, neither of the above things are reason enough to call this 5.0, instead of, say... 4.1. No, the site only jumps up full numbers when it's totally rewritten from scratch. We went from a deprecated page layout method using tables, to a layout currently smiled upon by the W3 people, using CSS for all style, while leaving just the content and structure in the HTML. In other words, I just did it the right way this time. CSS has the added benefit of being a more flexible way of doing things too, especially if I wanted to change all of the colors to blue, or black, or white. I can do that now in one CSS file, without touching the html. Nifty, eh?

One thing that I want to do some day, and didn't have time to do before the self-imposed Christmas deadline, is play with the look of the forum and make it match the rest of the site better. In other words, make it green, not blue. That's some complicated CSS though, especially since I didn't write it in the first place, and don't know what anything is yet. Still, it's on the to-do list.

Of course, one downside to using CSS and doing things the right way, is that Internet Explorer gets confused. See, IE is an inferior web browser, coded to play by it's own set of rules, rather than the web standards that virtually all other browsers adhere to quite well. I could have written this site to behave perfectly in Internet Explorer... but I refuse to cater to one crappy browser. In the end, TheJMFC 5.0 looks more or less like it should in IE 6+, but I still encourage you IE users to switch to a real browser, like Firefox, Opera, Netscape, or Safari, all of which are free and far superior to IE.

And, of course, if anything really, really looks wrong or doesn't work in IE, let me know. Right after you upgrade browsers, that is.