12-13-06 - Yeah, yeah... I know.

Yeah, ok. I'm aware that it's been a while since I've added any news or pictures. I even feel a little bad about it. Really. But, the ironic thing is that I've been working harder on the site lately than I have in years. And, the end result will be TheJMFC 5. That's right, you're currently viewing TheJMFC 4. That's ok, it's easy to lose track. My goal is to have 5 up and live by Christmas. After that, pictures and news return to being a priority.

But, since I'm typing, I might as well add some family news at the same time. The family is well. Esther is in full teething mode, and still growing fast. She can use her hands quite well now, grabbing at things, even holding her own bottle for short periods of time. Standing is also fun for her, with help from Mom and Dad. Balance isn't quite there yet... but getting better. We're told that kids her age don't usually do what she does, which makes us happy.

We all made the trip out into the tree fields this past Saturday to find a Christmas tree. that went pretty well. Sadly though, we forgot to take a picture of the tree on top of the car, as is our tradition. That trip also was Esther's first Bonneville ride, since we don't usually keep a car seat in that one. And in this season, we're especially glad that she's a good traveler, since we have a few trips to the other side of the state coming up soon.