10-21-06 - Life is returning to normal. Only Not...

Yes, things are starting to slowly calm down around here. Life will never be the same, but it is starting to feel more normal again. A new normal, which is nothing like the old normal.

Esther has turned out to be somewhat demanding. She seems to have acid reflux AND an intolerance for either dairy (cow's milk), breast milk, or both. So, she's on a prescription for the acid reflux, and the special Nutramigen formula for the other thing. It's too bad that we had to go that way, since we were all set up for nursing, but it does make life easier. Less screaming, more sleeping. She has slept through the night a few times now, which is really nice. We have a new appreciation for sleep nowadays. Oh, and she can now smile. Smiles make the hard times more worth it.

Fortunately, she's a pretty good traveler. We've taken a couple of 2-3 hour car trips with her so far, and she doesn't seem to mind it much. That's a good thing, since I'm not sure how well I would be driving after 2 hours of screaming. I just might be looking for things to hit.

As always, I'll try to update this more often, etc. For now, enjoy the new gallery of pictures (in the Photo Gallery section of the site).