8-27-06 - Things are finally starting to look ready over here.

Well, things are kind of falling into place now. The baby's room is looking more like a place where a human child could live. The car seat is belted into the car (the LeSabre, not the Bonneville). Beka also got the tour of the hospital, so she knows where that is. Really, all we're waiting for now is a baby. Beka is feeling ok, but really wants to get this pregnancy thing over with. Current craving: Fruity Pebbles. I am not looking forward to the birth experience, but it will be nice to have this pregnancy thing over with. And I suppose it will be nice to actually see our baby too, after all this time. Our first due-date is today, but it doesn't seem that anything is happening yet. I'll have to get a good picture of Beka in her current condition and post it for all to see, soon.