8-8-06 - Yikes! Those due-dates are almost here.

Depending on who we ask, and what we tell them, Beka is either due late this month, or on the 9th of September. Either way: Yikes! It's almost here. We're really not ready yet. The kid's room is full of lots of non-baby crap (sewing supplies, our old PC, bunk beds, etc.), and not full of baby stuff (no crib yet, no... whatever else you need to take care of a baby). We've also not taken the time to find out where this hospital is. I think we'll make that a priority soon. I don't want to be on Google Maps trying to find out where the hospital is while Beka is in labor. Of course, she did want a home birth for a while there...

Of course, Beka is quite ready to push out that thing growing inside of her, or rather, outgrowing her insides. She says that it kicks her ribs and punches her bladder at the same time. I guess that could get uncomfortable.

And, you might have noticed that I actually put a date on this latest update. I figure that might help motivate me to update more often, and such. I think I'll make this home page more of a running blog/family news thing, maybe with the old news spilling over to the old Family News page eventually, when this page gets too full. Yeah. That works.