03-02-04 - An update on the Mulder household

I figure it's about time for another update on the latest happenings, since it's been very nearly a year since the last one. I really should do this on a more regular basis.

Beka and I are looking forward to spring. The weather here has been unseasonably warm for the past week or so, and we've tried to be outside and make the most of it. Beka can't wait to start gardening this year. We plan to grow some veggies out back, and of course flowers here and there also. Some of the flowers are already starting to peek out of the dirt. We also planted a tree last fall, and have yet to see it with leaves on it, so that will be nice too.

Spring will also make car repairs easier, or at least more comfortable, to accomplish. For those of you who don't know it, we sold the Grand AM, and bought a '90 Toyota Corolla this past fall. So far, it has treated us well. The exhaust has been getting louder lately though, and I suspect that something is loose back by the muffler. There is also a minor leak where the lower radiator hose clamps to the radiator. A clamp should fix that. The Bonneville just got a "new" junkyard alternator, because the old one was losing power, and making a whine noise under load. Thankfully, it held out until the weather permitted junkyarding. A month or so ago, the Bonneville also got a new radiator, because I was sick of seeing steam rise from the front of the car at every stop light. That's really not a fun job to do in the winter though. The Bonneville will also need some touchup work on the exhaust, because there is still a minor leak where I made a repair between the downpipe and catalytic converter.

The cats are doing well. Tim is fully grown now, and very well behaved. Xena on the other hand, is still quite small compared to Tim. She also gets on our nerves daily, because she refuses to stay off of our laps, despite being thrown off many times.

Our beloved dwarf hamster, Mortimer Fluffy, is dead. He passed away unexpectedly... a while back. It appeared that he died of natural causes, and we do not suspect the cats of foul play.

Outside of our home life, I started a new job at a plastics factory in November. It's a much better fit than "The Store" ever was. My hours are constant, I have my Saturdays back, they still give out raises here, and I have never ever been asked if I work here. Aside from all that, the benefits package is awesome. It's almost like the company actually cares about it's employees. It was a good move, and overdue. Beka still works as a waitress, but doesn't care for it much. We hope that something better comes along soon.