03-06-03 - We hate the Grand AM

Beka and I now hate our Grand AM. The following is a timeline of our most recent troubles:

  1. 2/13/03 (thursday): Beka calls me at work, says that the 'low coolant' light is on in the GA. I say don't drive it, I'll check it out tomorrow.
  2. 2/14/03 (friday): I check it out. It is indeed low on coolant. I notice a sticky wetness all over near the radiator/front of engine area. Since it's nasty cold out, and my garage floor is wet/icy, I decide to take it to a mechanic. Mechanic pressurizes the system, and finds a hole in the radiator where a rubber hose had been rubbing it. "can it be repaired?" "no." "how much?" "$500 something" "let me call around first" "fine, I match prices" And so I called around and got a quote for $310. They matched it. Several hours later, the car was fixed.
  3. 2/15/03 (saturday): Around 10-11 pm, we get a call from Beka's brother, Matt. His car is nearly dead, and he wonders if we can loan him one for a week while he finds new transportation. We agree, but he's not taking our Bonneville. He can have the GA.
  4. 2/16/03 (sunday): We drive the car to where Matt is, and hand over the keys. We stay and visit for a few more hours, but Matt heads back to where he lives. Before we leave, we get a call from Matt. The car is running terrible, and stalling.
  5. 2/17/03 (monday): I get an e-mail from Matt. The problem is getting worse, and now the 'traction control' and 'check engine' lights are on. I write back and tell him to do whatever he needs to do to fix it. We'll pay him back. I also give him permission to total it, for the insurance money.
  6. 2/17/03 (later on monday): I get another e-mail from Matt. He started the car again, and after a minute of really rough idle, it settled into a steady idle at 750rpm. He drove it to Autozone, and found out that the 'manifold absolute pressure' sensor is dead.
  7. 2/18/03 (tuesday): Another e-mail from Matt. The traction control works again, and the 'check engine' light is back off.

So does it need a new sensor? Who knows. All we know is that we'll be dumping that car as soon as we can.