12-29-02 - Just an update on Married Life

I realized that the old format for doing news was somewhat unnatural, with the cold impersonal newspaper format and everything, so I think that everything from now on will read more like a friendly letter, or maybe an e-mail. Here goes.

Beka and I are doing well. We bought a house in Jenison back in July, just a week or so before we were married. We both enjoy having a place of our own. Beka is a good cook, and enjoys her time in the kitchen. I enjoy having a garage of my own. So far, we've painted our bedroom and done some work on the bathroom. I'll have to post some pictures of the house soon. We also got a dwarf hampster, named Mortimer Fluffy. He is a lazy little critter durring the day, but runs in his wheel at night. We both enjoy our little MF.

Outside of the home, I still work at "The Store". Business is okay, if not great. Beka has quit Cornerstone University and is now a waitress (part time) at the Rainbow Grill in Grandville. She is good at her job, and gets tipped well for it.

I guess that is everything for now. We'll keep you posted.